Unknown Star = aethel (shiranaihoshi) wrote,
Unknown Star = aethel

The write like meme

I have seen this one going around and been really interested in trying it out. Unfortunately my writing samples accessible from this computer were somewhat limited. I was also curious if it was consistent:

40K adventures (various sections) : Mostly David Foster Wallace. (Who?) Looked him up.. a novelist, that's good. But his work is described as "Equal parts philosophical quest and screwball comedy".. not exactly what I wanted. I will chalk that up to the particular tone and tense required when writing an adventure though.

Let's try some other stuff:

Blog post: Margaret Mitchell??? really?

40K fiction. Probably a better gauge of my real tense: HP Lovecraft in 2 different sections and Dan Brown in the more crime drama scene with an Arbitrator. Pretty good. There's a lot worse things than to be told you sound like HPL when writing 40K.

Warhammer Fantasy Dark Elf fiction:James Fenimore Cooper, author of last of the Mohicans. I GUESS it's okay to sound like the 1800's with WH Fantasy...

More sci fi fiction: Ursula K Leguin in one section, William Shakespeare in another!!!

Amusing meme, but doesn't seem too reliable.
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