Unknown Star = aethel (shiranaihoshi) wrote,
Unknown Star = aethel

India 10/8

We got in late last night. Thanks to Ambien I got a decent amount of sleep.

Woke up early and put on my Indian clothes. Not going back to western while I am here! They are so much more comfy in the sultry weather. I can't wait to buy some more. Strolled through the neighborhood to get a street's eye view of what Bangalore looks like. (We'll be leaving for Hyderabad in a few hours) It's very interesting; mostly what I expected. I like it. Many dogs hanging out in the streets. On my way back to the hotel, I had a train of little children trailing after me calling "Auntie" and asking for money. I may re-think getting some candy to distribute. They were pretty cute.

Had "dosa" for breakfast with coconut curry and lentils for dipping. Pretty good.
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