Unknown Star = aethel (shiranaihoshi) wrote,
Unknown Star = aethel

Kindle Kindle Kindle, I read you all the day...

I was looking at my list of Kindle purchases just now, and it struck me what a perfect characterization piece it is. (In no small part because I am reading a lot of books on showing not telling...) Very interesting:

  • 6 fantasy books (3 Dresden Files, 2 Kingkiller, 1 Song of Ice/Fire)

  • 9 books on writing

  • 1 weight loss book

  • 1 young adult novel (which will be better known soon than it is now because its being made into a movie-I just found out.)

  • 3 books on travel (India and Prague)

while someone looking at this list wouldn't necessarily form accurate picture of my life, it is an excellent window into who I really am.

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