June 16th, 2013


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Had a wonderful time at Origins.  It is possibly better than gen con.  I played in a bunch of LARPs with a bunch of awesome people.  I especially want to remember:

  • dressing up to play Galaxandra the space princess, but then switching to New Artemis, the super-bride, when no one was there to play her. Also, the girl playing my future-daughter happened to be wearing a mask frighteningly similar to mine

  • Rocking Chemera, the mistress of mocules. I figured out the duck's secret and got the villains to unite!

  • The epic finding of an artifact/becoming an Annukai cultist/reconciling with my brother events of Effigy Nocturne

  • Trying to be as radical as possible in Lex Finalis (jumping down the hole, randomly hitting buttons on the ancient tech, hiding a cursed sword in my hair)

  • Finding out what everyone wanted to know (goldspinner's name) as Mariah the Drowned, and using it to make everyone decide whether to gang up on Hamnet rather than just give it away.  Way more drama!

  • Spending time with the Albino Dragon gang and attending Pat Rothfuss seminars up close and personal.  His information on Atur cutting down god-trees and his read of the Princess and Mr. Whiffle were great.

  • Buying the guys a jot

  • Great room at the hampton

  • Pitching in on Will's birthday present

  • The awesome amorphous blob Dresden game, where I made the GM swear next time the aspect "Limited Access" would be "Helicopter pad" Also, I think I managed to use every Stunt ability I had once.