I had this very convoluted dream that left me with some lingering inspiration. I have known for some time that it is advisable to ease into the publishing world with short stories. However, I haven't really had an idea for anything compelling that could be told in a short format.

I think some basic ideas from my dream could be set against the backdrop of my brewing novel world to create a short story. Of course.. I would have to change two of the characters away from Angel and an anime girl. I probably also need to remove the arcanists ala Name of the Wind. :-)

The write like meme

I have seen this one going around and been really interested in trying it out. Unfortunately my writing samples accessible from this computer were somewhat limited. I was also curious if it was consistent:

40K adventures (various sections) : Mostly David Foster Wallace. (Who?) Looked him up.. a novelist, that's good. But his work is described as "Equal parts philosophical quest and screwball comedy".. not exactly what I wanted. I will chalk that up to the particular tone and tense required when writing an adventure though.

Let's try some other stuff:

Blog post: Margaret Mitchell??? really?

40K fiction. Probably a better gauge of my real tense: HP Lovecraft in 2 different sections and Dan Brown in the more crime drama scene with an Arbitrator. Pretty good. There's a lot worse things than to be told you sound like HPL when writing 40K.

Warhammer Fantasy Dark Elf fiction:James Fenimore Cooper, author of last of the Mohicans. I GUESS it's okay to sound like the 1800's with WH Fantasy...

More sci fi fiction: Ursula K Leguin in one section, William Shakespeare in another!!!

Amusing meme, but doesn't seem too reliable.

Brief moment of surfacing

Received my second check for writing.
This one is going to removing an ugly tree (that turned out to be dangerous too!) from our front yard, and planting two Japanese cherry trees instead.

Took a short break from slaving away for check number 3 to watch The Lovely Bones, which I enjoyed.

REALLY looking forward to having some free time again.

Okay, back to earning that check.

The perfect solution

I have just found this year's life-revolutionizing event for me:

Surf shelf.

I don't dislike exercising, but I don't enjoy it. It is a lame chore that I have trouble fitting into my busy schedule. You can see how this is detrimental to my weight loss.

On the flip side, something that is detrimental to my general life productivity is that I love the internet entirely too much. (hello livejournal!)

I finally set up my surf shelf and got a little laptop to go with it (because my monster one doesn't fit on it, and I don't want to lug it to North Carolina just so I can work on my writing assignments).

I've had this arrangement for a day, and I can already tell it is going to be great. I've gotten substantially more time in on the elliptical when I can read emails and browse the web at the same time. If I can't break my addiction to the web, at least I am finally making it work for me.

There went another 25 calories just while I was typing this post. Brilliance!
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Better late than never

So I came into this a couple months late because I had my writing assignment, but I'm there now.

I finished my play through of Dragon Age last night. It has been years since I completed a video game. But I made time to play this one. I LOVE this game. I think I may have finally found a game I love as much as I loved FF7.

Alistair isn't quite Sephiroth, but he's pretty cool, and he has a great voice actor.

I'm so excited that this game exists in the days of downloadable content, and that it is pretty likely there will be a sequel.